First Month

The first month will be significantly more intense than the rest.

Mandatory Attendance

  1. Small Kru Orientation (3.5 hours + 1.5 hour prep time)
  2. Partner Mutual Support Session (2 – 4 hours)
  3. Casual gathering (3 hours)

The Next 11 Months

After the first month your time commitment will drop significantly.

Mandatory Attendance

Small Kru Session (3.5 hours + 15 min prep time / month*)

When-Needed Attendance

Partner Support Session (30 min – 1 hour / month when needed)

Optional Attendance

Casual gathering (~3 hours / gathering)
* To allow for breaks, 2 months out of 12 months will have no small kru sessions.
* 1 absence to your small kru session is allowed. After 2 absences majority vote is required to stay in the Small Kru. After 3 absences you will lose access to the Small Kru.