More Mission
Less Hustle

An exoskeleton for Tech Founders
who want to lead their organization
toward bold goals and organizational change
without falling prey
to Hustle Culture.

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As Founders, we often feel...

So much of our time is spent addressing urgent matters that there is not enough time to focus on what is important in the long-term.

Stuck in isolation, unable to make progress on problems or challenges, because the solution or the right decision is unclear.

Drained by the various interpersonal challenges or people problems that take our time away from working on and achieving our most important goals.

Kru is the structure you need to...

Prioritize & Focus

Before your membership begins, an executive coach will meet with you to clarify the goals you have for your business & organization.

You will then clarify the vision of what you as CEO commit to doing so that the organization can achieve said organization & business goals. 

During your membership, you will be kept accountable to coming up with the top 3 priorities you must focus on as CEO in order to make progress on your goals. 

You will have the chance to regularly reflect upon and update all of the above when necessary.

Make Solutions & Decisions

Once your membership begins, you will be assigned to a small group of 4 to 6 Founder-CEOs in your city who run companies at similar stages of growth as your own.

Your small group will meet every month to help each other address whatever challenges getting in the way of making progress on your goals and priorities or realizing your vision as CEO.

The meeting will be guided by an expert facilitator who will provide the structure necessary for everyone to help each other bring greater clarity to you on the solutions or decisions most appropriate for you and your situation.

Better Lead & Manage

Throughout your membership, you will have multiple opportunities to learn about leadership and management.

You may bring a leadership or management related challenge to your monthly small group meeting for discussion, read relevant content produced by Kru, ask related questions on the digital platform, or apply to participate in an open coaching session with our resident executive coach.

What makes Kru different?

If you have been part of other entrepreneur communities, you’ll appreciate Kru even more.

1️⃣ Alignment of Values

We require personal stories that show your embodiment of a compassion and a mission for the betterment of humanity.

This sits in stark contrast to other entrepreneur communities that merely use annual revenue or number of employees as qualifications for entry.

2️⃣ Same City Residents

We curate our small groups to be composed of people living in the same city so they have the choice of not only meeting on video, but also in-person.

This sits in stark contrast to entrepreneur communities, where people have no choice but to meet over video.

3️⃣ Greater Intimacy

Each of our small groups are comprised of 4 – 6 members.

This sits in stark contrast to entrepreneur communities with small groups that have 8 or more people per group,

4️⃣ Portable Facilitation Process

Our monthly meetings are not only facilitated by an expert facilitator, but also utilizes a facilitation process custom designed by our Founder as inspired by his 12+ years of experience as a CEO Coach serving Founders exclusively.

The process not only gives all members a shared ritual with which to discuss their challenges, but also provides a tool they can take with them to use in their own organization.

5️⃣ Deeper Conversation

We attract and curate for Founders who have the courage required to be vulnerable. The caliber of Founder-CEOs you meet at Kru will be markedly different from those you meet at a regular entrepreneur community promoting hustle culture, using phrases such as “crushing it.”

Our small group meetings are also facilitated by expert facilitators who know how to promote the kind of psychological safety required for Founder-CEOs who have just met to form deep connections at a relatively short amount of time.

6️⃣ Proven Structure

Starting with the upfront 1-on-1 session with an executive coach, Kru provides a well-defined structure for goal setting and accountability that has proven to help Founders prioritize without losing sight of their long-term goals.

While Kru promotes social activities among its members, it is not merely a club for hanging out with and networking with other Founders over events. 

Kru is primarily a structure for growing and maturing as both CEO and a human being. This sits in stark contrast to communities that start off fun, but eventually feels like a waste of time.

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Meet with a Coach

If you are accepted to become a member, you will be invited to meet with an executive coach. 

Before scheduling your meeting with our executive coach, you will be asked to put down a deposit. The deposit can be refunded within 24 hours of the coaching session if you are dissatisfied with the coach for any reason.

Before meeting with our coach, you will be asked to submit your profile specifying the various preferences you have on the type of Founders with whom you wish to be assigned into the same “small kru.”

Join a Small Kru

Your membership begins when you attend your first “Small Kru Session.” (A meeting among 4 – 6 Founders in similar situations with matching preferences facilitated by an expert facilitator.)

You will be asked to pay the rest of the annual membership fee at this point. The fee will be refunded within 30 days of membership if you have attended all mandatory meetings and feel dissatisfied for any reason.

We Strive for Hyper-Curation

At the heart of your membership is what we call a “small kru.” 

A small kru is comprised of 4 to 6 Founders in similar situations with matching preferences.
While similarity is an important criteria in curating each small kru, those in your small kru will also be different in important ways so that everyone can learn from and complement one another.

Challenges Recently Addressed


  • How can I prove the viability of a new business strategy to my executive team?
  • How can I best respond to an M&A inquiry I just received?
  • How can I decide whether to fundraise or not given my situation?
  • How can I better negotiate the terms of our loan I have given my new circumstances?
  • etc...


  • How can I design the right KPI & compensation plan for the diverse group of employees I have?
  • How can I better lead a townhall meeting, where difficult topics are announced?
  • How can I keep better oversight of all company initiatives given how much company has grown?
  • How can I better keep my employees accountable given the recent changes?
  • etc...


  • How can I grow one of my key employees into a C-level executive?
  • How can I attract an extraordinary C-level hire?
  • How can I fire someone with compassion?
  • How can I gain an executive team member’s trust for my new vision?
  • etc...


  • How can I become less drained by employee turnover?
  • How can I communicate honestly without being hurtful?
  • How can I fundraise without losing control?
  • How can I best deal with a death in the family?
  • etc...
By the 3rd [Small Kru session,] I felt as if I were meeting with old friends. There is no other community with which I can be this honest in discussing the vulnerable realities of what I’m going through. I now look forward to every session feeling confident that I will leave with clear and concrete action items with which to navigate my challenge.

Male Founder-CEO

B2C SaaS Startup
Identity is hidden to respect our  confidentiality commitment.
Attending the [Small Kru Sessions] not only helped me with my challenges, but also helped me learn what it means to effectively support someone. I realized that in most of my interactions with my direct reports, I had the intention to support, but often failed to have the impact of support. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why some of them didn’t seem to appreciate my help. Now I know why.

Female Founder-CEO

B2B SaaS Startup
Identity is hidden to respect our confidentiality commitment.
After each [Small Kru session,] all the thoughts jumbled up in my head becomes clearly organized and I’m confronted with the “real problem.” I now know that it is when I lack clarity of the “real problem” that I doubt whether I’m cut out to do this. Once I have clarity of the “real problem,” it becomes obvious what it is I need to do and that inspires the courage I need to lead.

Male Founder-CEO

Renewable Energy Startup
Identity is hidden to respect our confidentiality commitment
While I expected the [Small Kru sessions] to help me navigate the challenges I faced in my business, I did not expect it to help with my family. But it did! Having a safe space to not only solve my business problems, but also process my emotions gave me the ability to hold space for my daughter’s emotions, which made me a better mother.

Female Founder-CEO

B2C App Startup
Identity is hidden to respect our  confidentiality commitment

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Compassion is an emotion we feel when we’re concerned for another person’s suffering and desire to enhance their welfare.

You embody compassion, if you…

Feel concern for other people’s suffering

Enough to find yourself feeling concern for the suffering of strangers, not merely your friends & family.

At some point, you may even have sacrificed your own needs so other people don’t suffer. 

Want to help enhance other people’s welfare

Enough to find yourself proactively pondering how to be helpful to others or to positively contribute to their lives.

At some point, you may even have sacrificed your own health or time with your family to help others or to otherwise positively contribute to their lives. 

Work to make the world a better place, not just money

Enough to find yourself willing to provide value without any expectation of return.

At some point, you may even received less monetary compensation than others because you felt hesitant talking about money.

You value self-compassion, if you want to...

Show concern for your own suffering as well

Because you now know that what often gets in your way are your own thoughts and behaviors arising from the stress, tension, and unpleasant emotions you embody from your own suffering.

To get to this point, you may even have experienced receiving negative feedback that genuinely surprised you.

Enhance your own welfare as well

Because you now know that you need to take responsibility for doing the hard work required to take care of yourself, because nobody is coming to save you and there is no easy silver bullet.

To get to this point, you may even have experienced what it is like to feel unappreciated, resentful, or worse yet, betrayed by those who seem to take for granted the effort you’ve put in to help them or otherwise positively contribute to their lives.

Work to make yourself a better person, not just money

Because you now know that wealth without health or healthy relationships is meaningless.

To get to this point, you may even have experienced significant loss in your health or relationships.